Bethel Men

The place for men to deal with all facets of life with other men who understand.

What is "Ish?"

Ish (אִישׁ) is the Hebrew word for man, but more specifically, as used in Psalm 1:1, it portrays a representative example of a godly person. We want our men to be an example of a godly person in 3 main areas of their lives: at home, at work, and at church.
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Ish wants Christian men to be everything that God has designed them to be and in every facet of their life, not just a little compartment a few times a week or just on Sunday for that matter. Ish is for men of all ages from 18 to 108. As guys, there is a lot to be learned from one another and if you were ever lacking good male role models we have a few wise guys who can definitely help you along the way.


When do we meet?

We meet once a quarter for special get-togethers (which involves some food and snacks), activities, or events (which may or not involve some guns). Our men’s ministry is multi-generational and works together as a team of guys to make sure every man feels welcome, discovers the true bond of Christian brotherhood, and grows in His God-given destiny.

Where do I go?

We meet in the upstairs lobby of Bethel Christian Church. Just look for the outdoor awning and you will find us!

Check our calendar for our next event!